Ardum is a game about the player-designer relationship

In every game exists a relationship between the player and the designer: the design of a game reflects the ideas of its designer, but it is made for the player. The designer must consider the player the their decisions, but then they need a player to realize their vision, to actually play the product. A game unplayed is not much of a game at all, but the experience of playing a game is a holistic thing with contributions from both the designer and the player.

It is a game about making games but it is also a celebration

Ardum seeks to create an experience in which the player feels like they are playing with the designer. The designer’s presence and influence is an ever-present thing, but the player makes important that presence by choosing to act within it. Ardum is about two parties that each have something to thank the other for. That thing and the act of thanking are both the same and simultaneous.

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