image+nation: Queering the Game Industry


Beyond the AAA shooters, the online hate groups, and the sexist video game characters, there is a place where queers make games for queers. Complex, accessible, and enthralling: games offer new ground for LGBTQ+ storytelling. From DIY makers to big industry players, video games open up an unprecedented potential for narrative exploration. They offer an experimentation space for the self, a place where selfhood is no longer defined by body or context. Slowly but surely, diversity is slipping into the games world and our Prolab guests are here to prove it.

This event brings together thinkers and makers from Europe and North America to discuss the current state of queer and marginalized folks in games. Our speakers will address the usual topics of diversity and representation in games while also sharing their own experience of navigating the system. Featuring: Being queer in the industry: a fishbowl panel (English) Join Jasmine Aguilar (USA), a genderqueer and xicanx game producer, as well as other international and local guests for this participatory panel. Attendees will be invited to come share the stage with our panelists throughout the discussion. Consider this a family reunion.

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